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Christine Keitel-Kreidt
Vice-president, Freie University, Germany


Christine Keitel-Kreidt's academic experiences:
1986              Habilitation at Faculty of Mathematics, Technical University of Berlin
1981              Ph.D. at Faculty of Mathematics University of Bielefeld
1965-1969    Studies of Mathematics and Sociology (Diploma in Mathematics and Sociology) in Berlin, student tutor in mathematics
1963-1965    Studies of Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy in Cologne (Pre-Diploma in Physics and Mathematics), Grant by Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes; student tutor in mathematics since 1964

Research Fields:
Mathematics as a social practice; Philosophy and sociology of math and sciences
"Mathematics for All" and "Mathematical literacy", Mathematics education and technology
Social justice and mathematics education: gender, ethnicity and class, and the politics of schooling, Gender and Mathematics
History and current state of mathematics education; Comparative studies on mathematics classroom practice and learners' perspectives; Political and social dimensions of research on mathematics classroom practice, Internationalisation and Globalisation of Scientific Collaboration
Difficulties faced by students and teachers in mathematics classrooms; Mathematics education and values

Present Responsibilities:
Department of Business and Economics
Department of Educational Science and Psychology
Department of Political and Social Sciences
ZE Student Counseling and Psychological Advisory
ZE Center for the Promotion of Women's and Gender Studies
Center for European Studies
Teaching and Studies in conjunction with Division V and for Commission for Academic Affairs
Teacher Education
Career Service
New Media (e.g., E-Learning)
Student affairs, in particular student parliament and foreign students
Centers for school pupils
Equality in conjunction with the Gender Equality Officer
E-Learning Steering Committee


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