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Zhou Qifeng
Country: China
Position: Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,
  President and Dean of Graduate School at Peking University,
  Secretary-genenral of the ACGS
Research Field: Polymer Chemistry
Speech Title:   Exploration and Ponderation—the Internationalization of
  Chinese Graduate Education
Guo Xinli
Country: China
Position: Deputy Director, Office of Academic Degrees Committee of
  the State Council and Deputy Director-general, Department of
  Graduate Education,Ministry of Education of the People's
       Republic of China
Research Feild: Education and Human Resource Management
Speech Title: Project on the Evaluation of Chinese Doctoral Education
Liu Jinghui
Country: China
Position: Secretary-general of China's Scholarship Council
Speech Title: International Cooperation in Graduate Education—
                      Student Flow and Closer Cooperation
Debra W.Stewart
Country: United States
Position: President of the Council of Graduate Schools(CGS)
Research Field: Political Science
Speech Title:   Competition, Cooperation and Excellence: The Future of
  Graduate Education Globally
Jean Chambaz
Country: France
Position: Chair of the European University Association-Council
  for Doctoral Education(EUA-CDE)
Research Field: Cellular Biology
Speech Title: Doctoral Education and Global Challenges,
  a European Perspective
Yang Wei
Country: China
Position: Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,
  President of Zhejiang University
Research Field: Solid Mechanics
Speech Title: Four Measures of Internationalization—Case Study of
  Zhejiang University
Malcolm McCrae
Country: United Kingdom
Position: Chair of UK Council for Graduate Education(UKCGE)
Research Field: Biological Sciences
Speech Title: Evolving Trends in Doctoral Education
Maxwell King
Country: Australia
Position: Convener of Council of Deans and Directors of Graduate
  Studies(DDOGS) in Australia
Research Field: Economy
Speech Title: The Joint IITB-Monash Ph.D: A New Style of Jointly
  Awarded Ph.D
Christine Keitel-Kreidt
Country: Germany
Position: Vice-president, Freie University Berlin
Research Field: Mathematics; Sociology; Physics;
Speech Title: The MINT-Competence Center and its Graduate Program for
  MINT-teachers under the Umbrella of Dahlem Research
  School for Graduate Studies at Freie University Berlin
William B. Russel
Country: United States
Position: Dean of the Graduate School, Princeton University
Research Field: Chemical Engineering
Speech Title: Graduate Education in the U.S.:National Concerns and
  a Princeton Perspective
Richard Strugnell
Country: Australia
Position: Pro Vice-Chancellor, the University of Melbourne
Research Field: Microbiology
Speech Title: Providing Additional Skills Training in the Ph.D
Country: Singapore
Position: Vice Provost(Education), National University of Singapore
Research Field: Geotechnics
Speech Title: Graduate Education for a Globalized World
Wu Xiaoqiu
Country: China
Position: Assistant President and Executive Dean of Graduate School,
  Remin University of China
Research Field: Finance
Speech Title: China's Economy and Talents Training
Fred L. Hall
Country: Canada
Position: Vice-Provost(Graduate Education), Dean of Graduate
  Studies, University of Calgary
Research Field: Geography, Mathematics
Speech Title: Quality Assurance for Graduate Education in Canada
Anthory G.O. Yeh
Country: Hong Kong, China
Position: Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Former
  Dean of the Graduate School, the University of Hong Kong
Research Field: Urban Planning and Design
Speech Title: Quality Assurance of Research Postgraduate Education
  of the University of Hong Kong
Cheng Guangxu
Country: China
Position: Vice President of Xi'an Jiaotong University
Research Field: Power Engineering
Speech Title: Exploration and Practice to Improve the Quality of
  Graduate Education

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