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Zhou Qifeng
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Secretary-general of the
ACGS, President and Dean of Graduate School at Peking University,

Professor Zhou Qifeng (born in October 1947 of lunar calendar, at Liuyang, Hunan Province), is a Chinese chemist, educationist, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and President of Peking University.

Zhou Qifeng was an undergraduate student in Peking University from 1965 to 1970, and became a faculty member immediately after his graduation in 1970. He was studying in University of Massachusetts Amherst from 1980 to 1983 and returned to Peking University after receiving his Ph.D. degree in sciences. From July 2004 to Nov. 2008, he was President of Jilin University and he took the office of President of Peking University since Nov. 2008.

Prof. Zhou Qifeng is mainly engaged in research fields of polymer synthesis and liquid crystal polymer. He proposes the concept of "Crustacean-type liquid crystal polymer" and proves it from angles of chemosynthesis and physical appearance. Other contributions including research on liquid crystal polymer substituent effect, discovery of scientific theory about transforming metastable liquid crystal polymer into liquid crystal polymer of thermodynamic stability by means of copolymerization and increasing molecular weight, and discovery of  the earliest synthetic thermotropic liquid crystal polymer.

Prof. Zhou Qifeng has published over 200 academic articles, and his works includes Liquid Crystalline Polymers (Zhou Qifeng, Wang Xinjiu, Science Press, 1994), High polymer Chemistry (Zhou Qifeng, Hu Hanjie, Chemical Industry Press, 2001), Liquid Crystalline Polymers (Wang Xinjiu, Zhou Qifeng, World Scientific, Singapore, 2004), Contemporary Topics in Advanced Polymer Science and Technology (Zhou Qifeng, Cheng Zhengdi, Peking Univeristy Press, 2004), High temperature polymer and Composite Materials (Zhou Qifeng, Fan Xinghe, Xie Xiaofeng, Chemical Industry Press, 2004).

Prof. Zhou Qifeng was granted "Teaching Excellence Award" by Peking University (1986), "Wang Baoren Prize" in fundamental researches on high polymer by Chinese Chemical Society (1988), "Huo Yingdong Fund for Young Teachers" by China's Ministry of Education (1988), second prize "Science and Technology Progress Award" by State Education Commission (1991), Award Nomination for China's young scientists (1992), "National Excellent Returned Scholar" by State Education Commission and Ministry of Personnel (1997), third prize in "National Natural Science" (1997), "Award for Innovative Paper on Polymer Chemistry" by Chinese Chemical Society (2001), first prize in Peking University Teaching Achievements (2001), and first prize in Beijing Educational Achievement (2001).


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