Notification on the Declaration of Major Research Projects for Graduate Education in 2020

In order to implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, further play the role of the Association of Chinese Graduate Schools(ACGS)in the reform and development of graduate education, and better provide advice and suggestions for the state and the competent departments to formulate policies related to graduate education, on the basis of extensive consultation with all member units, it was decided by the President's working meeting to start the declaration of major research projects on graduate education in 2020 The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.

First, Proposed major topics this year.

 (a) research on the construction of graduate instructors.

 (b) how to play an important role in the economic and social development of the western postgraduate education research.

 (c) interdisciplinary construction and its postgraduate training research.

Second, the amount of funding for each project is 200,000-300,000 yuan, and the completion time is generally 1-2 years.

Third, the subject declaration is carried out in the member units of the Joint Committee. The person in charge of the subject declaration should have rich practical experience and strong theoretical research ability in the field of graduate education, and have strong organizational and coordination ability.

Fourth, the declaring unit shall fill out the Application Form for Major Issues of Graduate Education Research of the Association of Chinese Graduate Schools(ACGS), and send the scanned copy of the Application Form to the Graduate School of Tongji University before July 14, 2020 after being reviewed by the unit and stamped with the official seal of the unit. E-mail address: The original paper copy (three copies) should be sent to: Wang Yanfang, Graduate School of Tongji University, Shanghai, China, and will not be accepted after the deadline.

V. Contact: Wang Yanfang, Liao Xiaoling

Tel: 021-65981171 / Mobile: 13816980402

010-62751360 / Mobile: 13601275765

Graduate School of Tongji University

Association of Chinese Graduate Schools(ACGS)

                                        June 30, 2020