ACGS Graduate Education 2019 Major Project Grant Expert Review Meeting Held

On the morning of June 17, 2019, the expert review meeting of the Association of Chinese Graduate Schools(ACGS)for the funding of major research projects on graduate education was held in Conference Room 1 of the Yingjie Exchange Center of Peking University. The meeting was chaired by Chen Hongjie, Director of the China Center for Doctoral Education Research and Professor of the School of Education of Peking University. Prof. Liu Fengliang, Executive Vice President of Graduate School of Renmin University of China, Prof. Yang Lihua, Vice President of Graduate School of Peking University, Prof. Zhou Zuoyu, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, Prof. Zhou Haitao, Professor of School of Education of Beijing Normal University, Prof. Li Limin, Dean of Graduate School of Peking Union Medical University, Prof. Liu Jemin, Dean of Graduate School of University of Science and Technology Beijing, Prof. Ji Yaguang, Executive Vice President of Graduate School of Nankai University, Prof. Prof. Li Liguo, Vice Dean of School of Education, Renmin University of China, Prof. Zhou Wenhui, Beijing University of Technology, and Prof. Shen Wenqin, Deputy Director of China Doctoral Education Research Center, attended the meeting as reviewers.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chen Hongjie firstly welcomed the arrival of the review experts and introduced the purpose of the meeting and the main contents of the meeting. After that, Yang Lihua and Liao Xiaoling explained the background, reasons and application requirements of the major topics of graduate education research respectively.


Expert review meeting site

After that, the meeting entered the expert review session. The experts at the meeting had a full exchange and discussion on the eighteen applications for funding of major projects, and made practical and pertinent comments on each application. In the afternoon, on the basis of full discussion in the morning, experts voted on each application and filled out the expert evaluation form. After the statistical summary of the on-site meeting staff, moderator Chen Hongjie announced the final results of the subject evaluation, and the schools and projects that received the funding for the major subjects of postgraduate education research in 2019 were: "Research on the in-depth implementation of the fundamental task of establishing moral education in postgraduate education" of Northeast Normal University, "Research on the fundamental task of establishing moral education in postgraduate education" of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics The projects are: "Research on the Institutional Mechanism of Doctoral Degree Cultivation for National Major Needs" by Northeast Normal University, "Innovation and Practice of Cultivation Model of Professional Degree Cultivation and Industry Linkage" by Tongji University, and "Research on the Cultivation Mechanism of Doctoral Degree Cultivation for National Major Industrial Needs" by Tianjin University. Exploration of Cultivation Mode of Engineering Doctorate Students Closely Combined with National Major Industrial Needs" of Tianjin University. Meanwhile, according to the collective opinions of experts, the meeting decided to request individual schools to make further revisions to the application forms and submit them to the expert group for re-evaluation within a limited period of time, so as to finally decide whether to establish the projects for funding.


Experts carefully review the subject application

In addition, the participating experts made many valuable comments and suggestions on the specific requirements for the future declaration of major topics of ACGS graduate education research, with a view to continuously improving the subject declaration procedures and enhancing the quality of the project work, so as to better promote the reform and development of graduate education and provide a higher quality reference basis for the relevant national departments to formulate policies related to graduate education.

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