Management Measures for Major Research Projects on Graduate Education of the Association of Chinese Graduate Schools(ACGS)(for trial

Article 1 In order to guide and encourage the member units of the Association of Chinese Graduate Schools(ACGS)(hereinafter referred to as "the Joint Council") to conduct research on major theoretical and practical issues of postgraduate education in China, and to better provide opinions and suggestions for the state and competent departments to formulate policies related to postgraduate education, in accordance with Article 3 of the Regulations of the Joint Council, we hereby establish In accordance with Article 3 of the Regulations of the Joint Committee, we hereby set up a project for funding major issues of graduate education research (hereinafter referred to as "major issues") and formulate these measures.

Article 2 The project of "Major Subjects" adheres to the principle of few and precise, sets up funding projects according to the needs, and encourages member units to conduct research on major issues of universality, industry, radiation and hot spots in the field of graduate education. The secretariat of the Federation will issue annual notification of declaration as necessary.

Article 3 The declaration of "major issues" shall be made in the member units of the Federation, and the person in charge of the declaration shall have rich practical experience and strong theoretical research ability in the field of postgraduate education, and have strong organizational and coordination ability.

Article 4 The evaluation of "major topics" is conducted in an open, fair and just principle. Applicants submit the declaration materials on time in accordance with the requirements of the annual declaration notice. Each year, the Joint Committee will set up a special expert group to evaluate the projects, determine the selected projects and the amount of funding; publish the final selected projects and sign a project contract with its subject leader.

Article 5 "major projects" completion time is generally 1-2 years; the project leader must submit to the Joint Committee as required mid-term progress report and project completion report. For unexplained failure to carry out research in accordance with the contract will stop the allocation of follow-up funds or recover the allocated funds.

Article 6 "major projects" funds must be used in accordance with the relevant national financial management regulations.

Article 7 The results of "major projects" shall be marked as "Project (funded) by the Joint Committee of Deans of Graduate Schools of China"; the recommendation report submitted to the higher authorities based on the research results of the project will be submitted in the name of the Joint Committee.

Article 8 of these measures on the basis of extensive consultation with all member units, the President of the Joint Committee working meeting to discuss and adopt, from the date of publication.

Article 9 management measures by the Joint Committee Secretariat is responsible for the interpretation.

Association of Chinese Graduate Schools(ACGS)

May 6, 2019