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2021 Major Project Review

Association of Chinese Graduate Schools(ACGS)

The 2021 major project evaluation meeting was successfully held

The 2021 Association of Chinese Graduate Schools(ACGS) will successfully hold the review meeting for supporting major projects of graduate education in 2021 from November 8th to 10th, 2021. (November 8-9, review experts will review the application materials separately; on November 10, all experts will conduct a centralized review in the form of online and offline synchronization).

This review expert group consists of the Graduate School of Beijing Institute of Technology, the Graduate School of Tianjin University, the Graduate School of Tongji University, the Graduate School of Sichuan University, the Shanghai Institute of Education Evaluation, the Graduate School of Shanghai Jiaotong University, the Graduate School of Beijing Jiaotong University, and the Graduate School of East China Normal University. , The Graduate School of Shanghai University and the Graduate School of Naval Military Medical University consist of 11 academic leaders and experts. The meeting was presided over by Professor Zhao Hongduo, Dean of the Graduate School of Tongji University, and Liao Xiaoling, Director of the Secretariat of the Association of Chinese Graduate Schools(ACGS), attended the meeting.

Zhao Hongduo first introduced the declaration of this year's major issues to everyone. The joint meeting received a total of 41 applications from 22 member units, including 8 applications for “Project 1”, 19 applications for “Project 2”, 3 applications for “Project 3”, and 11 applications for “Project 4” share. Then, all members of the expert group unanimously recommended Professor Huang Hongwei, former dean of the Graduate School of Tongji University, as the expert group leader for this review.

Professor Huang Hongwei, the leader of the expert group, presided over the review

Professor Huang Hongwei led all the review experts to carefully review the application materials one by one. The experts spoke freely and fully expressed their opinions. With a high sense of responsibility and rigorous work attitude, everyone tried to select the most suitable lead unit for the project to ensure the project. quality of finish. In the end, all members of the evaluation expert group reached a consensus: the subject 1 "Research on the comprehensive training of high-level talents in basic disciplines and key areas of core technology for undergraduates, masters and doctorates", led by Xidian University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, North China Electric Power University as the project. Participating units are integrated, and the research fund for the project is 300,000 yuan; the second project, "Research on Postgraduate Course Construction, Textbook Construction and Quality Improvement", is led by South China University of Technology, and Beijing Forestry University is integrated as a participating unit. The research fund is 30 yuan. RMB 10,000; Project 3 "Research on the eight-year training mode of clinical medicine major", Peking University and Fudan University took the lead in establishing the project in the form of dual-responsible units, and Army Military Medical University was integrated as a participating unit. The form of responsible unit is a new form of project support. For this reason, the review expert group unanimously agreed to increase the research funding for this project by 200,000 yuan), and the research fund for this project is 500,000 yuan. "Strategic Research on Training and Improvement Paths", the project was led by Southwest Jiaotong University, and Jilin University and Xi'an Jiaotong University were integrated as participating units. The research funding for the project was 300,000 yuan.

Jury online venue

Judging meeting offline Shanghai venue

Association of Chinese Graduate Schools(ACGS)has established a major graduate education research funding project, which aims to guide and encourage all member units of the Association of Chinese Graduate Schools(ACGS)to conduct research on major theoretical and practical issues of postgraduate education in my country, and focus on the field of graduate education. Research on major issues such as universality, industry, radiation, and hot issues, in order to better provide opinions and suggestions for the country and competent authorities to formulate graduate education-related policies, with a view to contributing to the reform and development of postgraduate education in China in the new era Contribution.


Secretariat of Association of Chinese Graduate Schools

November 26th, 2021