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China Agricultural University (CAU) is deeply attached to the countryside and rooted in the front line to help promote rural revitalization

China Agricultural University conscientiously studies and implements the important remarks of General Secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation, deeply implements the relevant deployment requirements of the Ministry of Education on targeted poverty alleviation, gives full play to the advantages of talents, professions and scientific research, organizes cadres, teachers and students to go deep into the front line, make every effort to fight, and relay the struggle, with the principle of "precise policy, precise promotion and precise implementation". Based on the principle of "precise policy, precise promotion and precise implementation", the university is doing its best to help the poor and actively serve rural revitalization. For three consecutive years, the university has been selected as one of the top ten typical projects of universities directly under the Ministry of Education for precise poverty alleviation and poverty eradication, and won the "National Advanced Collective for Poverty Eradication" in 2021.

  Strengthen intellectual poverty alleviation and explore new mode of poverty alleviation in colleges and universities. It insists on combining education and service, motivates teachers and students to actively participate in the battle against poverty, and leads students to apply what they learn and practice what they preach. Insist on the general idea of "party building leads to poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation promotes party building", create a unique "party building leads to group building, party branch leads to group branch, party member leads to group member", "combining theory and practice, teachers and students, school and local The "three bands and three combinations" model of poverty alleviation effectively stimulates the endogenous motivation of grassroots party members. We have actively explored education and teaching reform, set up a special postgraduate program for precise poverty alleviation, Wuqiao "1+3" agricultural master's program, and mixed undergraduate and master's classes for China's rural revitalization and seed industry, etc., explored the mode of cultivating senior professionals for precise poverty alleviation, and focused on cultivating a large number of new agricultural science and technology talents who "understand agriculture, love the countryside, and love farmers". "In 2015, the National Agricultural College Cooperative Development Alliance was established jointly with 43 colleges and universities in China, focusing on building a consortium of agricultural colleges and universities with the main goal of lifting poverty in poor counties and helping to fight poverty. So far, more than 1,200 practice teams have been set up, with more than 1,290 teachers and 13,000 agricultural students actively participating in them, penetrating into the front line of poverty alleviation and helping to win the battle against poverty.

  Deepen the science and technology to help the poor and create a new engine for precise poverty eradication. Give full play to the advantages of disciplines, deepen science and technology to alleviate poverty, and guide teachers and students to transform the hard-core strength of agricultural science and technology into the responsibility of sending science and technology, helping industry, fighting barrenness and pulling out the roots of poverty. For example, the school's scientific research team has been rooted in the front line of agricultural production in the arid regions of Northwest China for many years, building a comprehensive experimental station for water-saving and efficient agriculture and ecology in the Shiyang River in Gansu, which focuses on the efficient use of water resources in dry areas, and carrying out research on the efficient water use mechanism of plants, sustainable use of water resources, water environment improvement and other technologies. After years of treatment, the Shiyang River basin has been restored to a beautiful landscape of "lush water and grass, blue waves, flocks of wild ducks and hundreds of birds flying". We have built "professor workstations" and "professor service groups" to promote agricultural technology, train personnel, attach cadres, and donate to public welfare, in order to stimulate the endogenous power of poverty-stricken areas to get rich. Through point-to-point and person-to-person precise assistance, the school has created a precise poverty alleviation model that integrates scientists and farmers, closely combines science and technology with industry, and organically combines "blood transfusion" and "blood creation". Up to now, the school has established 127 science and technology courtyards in China, covering 45 crop industries, demonstrating an area of tens of millions of mu, training farmers more than 200,000 times, promoting the application of technology to 560 million mu, realizing a win-win situation in terms of increasing production and income and environmental protection, making positive contributions to poverty alleviation and income generation, transforming the development mode and promoting rural cultural construction.

  Focus on industrial poverty alleviation and open up new paths for helping in villages. Integrate multiple resources inside and outside the university to carry out industrial poverty alleviation and promote the upgrading and development of traditional industries in poor counties. In Binchuan County, Yunnan Province, we explored a comprehensive management model of deep poverty characterized by leading industries to increase the income of the poor, with compound industries as the core, and opened up the "last mile" of poverty alleviation. In Sanggang Village, Yixian County, Hebei Province, a "nest-like market" is created to organize scattered farmers into a complete "hive", integrate farmers' green agricultural products, and rely on new media means to directly connect with urban consumers to realize agricultural products. "Point-to-point" community marketing, and effectively improve the living conditions of villagers. In Luojia Village, Jiaochun Town, Lingbao City, Henan Province, we created an integrated rural construction system based on "traditional cultural resources + ecological agriculture orientation + cooperative organization support" to explore a sustainable new path for poverty alleviation. We have created a model of poverty alleviation driven by chicken breeding industry, adhering to the guiding ideology of "precise poverty alleviation, breed orientation, technology integration and system support", and cultivated "Nongda No. 3" and "Nongda No. 5". At the same time, the company innovated online and offline integrated service mode, implemented the "Golden Chicken Industry Poverty Alleviation Plan", and helped poor counties such as Jinzhai County and Huoqiu County in Anhui Province to achieve poverty alleviation.

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