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Tianjin University continues to do a good job of "postgraduate innovative talents training" project summary and acceptance work

From June 15th to 16th, the acceptance meeting of the project of "Cultivating Innovative Talents for Postgraduates" of Tianjin University was held in the Conference Building of Weijin Road Campus. The Graduate School organized experts to review and accept the projects established in 2019, and actively promote the implementation of the spirit of the Fourth Conference on Graduate Education and the main task of cultivating innovative talents for the construction of "Double First Class" through the project construction. More than 90 experts and project leaders attended the evaluation meeting.


Qi Wei, Director of Graduate Training Office, introduced the basic information of the projects and the general requirements of the evaluation. 2019 "Cultivation of Innovative Graduate Talents" project focuses on the key tasks in the process of postgraduate education reform, and supports the in-depth exploration and practice in the comprehensive reform of doctoral education on the basis of merit. The second batch of new engineering courses for postgraduates, online courses for postgraduates, and engineering training platforms for postgraduates; further strengthen the support and cultivation for the construction of model teaching materials for postgraduates. After the Fourth Conference on Postgraduate Education, the enthusiasm of teachers to engage in postgraduate education and teaching reform has increased significantly, and the project of "Cultivating Innovative Talents for Postgraduates" should continue to play an important role in stimulating teaching investment, improving education quality and creating a nurturing atmosphere. The Graduate School will also take the project construction performance as an important index to test the talent cultivation work, and take it as an important reference basis in the allocation of educational resources. Through expert evaluation, it will help and guide teachers to improve project construction, promote construction with evaluation and ensure quality, and at the same time select excellent projects, nurture fine products and make typical ones, and cultivate educational and teaching achievements.


A total of 79 projects participated in this final acceptance, which were divided into four categories for evaluation: education reform practice, practical training platform construction, curriculum system construction, and demonstration teaching materials project. At the evaluation meeting, the person in charge of each project reported on the main tasks accomplished in the project construction, the landmark results formed, the characteristics and innovation of the work, and the effectiveness achieved in the application and promotion of the results. The overall construction situation and achievements of the project were affirmed and praised by the evaluation experts, who also asked questions on the project follow-up plan and other related issues, and gave corresponding guidance. After the evaluation, a total of 76 construction projects passed the closing, including 15 educational reform practices, 9 practical training platform construction, 28 curriculum system construction, 24 model teaching materials projects, and finally 11 excellent projects of curriculum and teaching materials construction were selected.


Tianjin University "Postgraduate Innovative Talents Cultivation" project is a key funding project for the construction of "Double First-class" of the university, which has been combined with the reform of postgraduate education and teaching since 2012, aiming at improving the quality of postgraduate training and exploring the establishment of a postgraduate innovative talents cultivation system with the characteristics of Tianjin University. The project aims to improve the quality of postgraduate training and explore the establishment of a postgraduate innovative talent cultivation system with characteristics of Tianjin University. In recent years, a number of influential postgraduate teaching materials and course brands have been built with the key cultivation and continuous funding of the project. Next, the Graduate School will continue to do a good job in the selection, construction and guidance of the project, take the project construction as an incentive to promote the implementation of the Action Plan for First-class Graduate Education of Tianjin University, deepen the reform of the evaluation mechanism of graduate education, promote the high-quality and connotative development of graduate education, and provide a guarantee for the construction and improvement of the university's system of cultivating top-notch innovative talents.

Asecretariat of ACGS

July 4th,2021