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Graduate School of Beijing Institute of Technology hosts a series of lectures of 100 lectures on sports to promote the all-round development

In order to implement the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping "to cultivate socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor" and the call of "I do practical things for the masses", and to establish a sense of responsibility and mission for students to "set up great ambitions, understand great virtues, become great talents and take up great responsibilities". The Graduate School has recently organized and planned a series of 100 lectures on sports, and invited four experts who have made outstanding contributions to the development of sports in China to give lectures on "Sports and Health", "Sports and Arts" and "Sports and the Arts". Sports and Art" and "Sports and Traditional Culture".


The lecture series was presided over by Wang Junzheng, Executive Vice President of Graduate School. Liu Qihua, Vice President of Graduate School, Gong Peng, Director of Cultivation Office, and Liu Xin, Director of Quality and Supervision Office, attended the lecture and awarded the certificate of 100 lectures to the reporting experts. The lecture series was also webcast live through the official Yanhe Classroom platform of Beihang University, attracting more than 3,000 students and teachers to listen to the lecture online and offline.


On May 31th, Prof. Zhang Yimin, Vice President of the Chinese Institute of Exercise and Health at Beijing University of Physical Education and Director of the Key Laboratory of Exercise and Physical Health of the Ministry of Education, gave a presentation entitled "Evidence-based Evidence of Exercise for Health", which kicked off the series of lectures on sports. Professor Zhang Yimin introduced various types of evidence on exercise for health and a series of research results on the relationship between exercise and health in recent years by telling the history of the development of fitness for all, the original intention and mission of construction. He also explained to the students and faculty the risk events that are likely to occur during exercise and the main prevention and control measures. Professor Zhang also discussed in depth the choice of exercise programs and the confusion of the students in addition to their studies and research, and the response was enthusiastic.

On June 2nd, Wang Hong, director of the aerobics teaching and research department of the School of Arts of Beijing University of Physical Education and Sports and head coach of the national aerobics team, gave a special report on "The Artistry of Sports". He mainly explained the cognitive logic of sports item group theory, the cognitive logic of art form classification and the competition law and judging points of sports and art items, the similarities and differences between sports and art in concept and form. The lecture content was colorful and the language was vivid and interesting, which opened up everyone's vision.

On June 4th, Professor Wu Dong, a famous teaching teacher in Beijing, a national judge and Beijing Sport University, gave a special report on "What makes our traditional sports culturally confident". By explaining folklore sports, classic national sports and lesser-known sports, he introduced to the students and teachers what traditional Chinese sports are with concrete examples and led them to practice simple taijiquan movements, which on the one hand helped them to build up the basic knowledge of traditional sports concepts and on the other hand, led them to move their muscles and bones to regulate the tension and fatigue of their daily study and research work.

On June 9th, Professor Lu Yifan from Beijing University of Physical Education, a member of the expert group of the State General Administration of Sports for the preparation and scientific research of the four Olympic Games, gave a report on the theme of "Exercise - Nutrition, Health Promotion". Through the introduction of scientific exercise, active nutritional supplementation, reasonable nutritional metabolism and the basic theory of the relationship between exercise and nutritional process, he analyzed and discussed the ways and means of scientific exercise, and briefly introduced the knowledge of sports injury protection. The presentation was profound, and the problems were analyzed deeply, which won enthusiastic reactions from teachers and students, and the report was followed by exchanges and discussions.


The wonderful lectures of the four professors enhanced the understanding of the relationship between sports and health, art and traditional culture, and inspired the enthusiasm of teachers and students to devote themselves to fitness, which has a positive effect on the overall development of "moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and social" of graduate students.

Attachment: Guest Speaker Introduction

image.pngZhang Yimin, professor, doctoral supervisor, vice president of the China Institute of Exercise and Health, director of the Key Laboratory of Exercise and Physical Health of the Ministry of Education, member of the Expert Group of National Student Physical Fitness and Health Research of the Ministry of Education, member of the "Health China Action Promotion Committee", and expert in the popularization of health science in China. During the period from "Ninth Five-Year Plan" to "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", he has presided over and participated in 7 key projects, such as the National Tackling Program, National Science and Technology Support Program, "Active Health" and "Science and Technology for Winter Olympics". "In 2014, he presided over the completion of the National Student Physical Fitness Standard of the Ministry of Education.

image.pngWang Hong is the director of the aerobics teaching and research department in the School of Arts of Beijing University of Physical Education and Sports, the doctor of sports training of Beijing University of Physical Education and Sports, and the chief coach of the national aerobics team. He is the vice chairman of the International Gymnastics Federation Aerobics Technical Committee, vice chairman of the Asian Gymnastics Federation Aerobics Technical Committee, vice secretary general of the China Aerobics Association, and director of the Technical and Scientific Research Committee of the China Aerobics Association. His research interests are sports training science, artistic sports, and competition scoring rules.

image.pngWu Dong, professor, doctor, doctoral supervisor, Beijing teaching teacher, studied in Japan Sports University, national referee, the General Administration of Sports "100 people plan" training object. He is the champion of Beijing Sports University's basic teaching skills competition, the best teaching demonstration award, the new science and technology award, and the second prize of Beijing's basic teaching skills group A. He is in charge of the Ministry of Education's Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project "Research on the Philosophical Thought of Traditional Martial Arts" and has completed more than 20 provincial and ministerial level projects. Invited to lecture on martial arts on Central Channel 10, Channel 12, Beijing TV, Hunan TV, etc., and reported by People's Daily and China Daily (English).

image.pngLu Yifan, PhD in exercise physiology, is a professor and doctoral supervisor in the sports medicine teaching and research department. He was a member of the expert group of the State General Administration of Sports for four Olympic Games preparation and scientific research guarantee, and is currently a member of the Sports Medicine Branch of the Chinese Society of Sports Science. He enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. He has received several awards from the State General Administration of Sports and Beijing Sports University. He has been awarded as "Excellent Communist Party Member of Beijing" by Beijing Municipal Education Committee and has been awarded as Advanced Worker of Beijing. He has presided over many key scientific research projects and won many provincial and ministerial awards, including the first prize of Olympic Science and Technology of the General Administration of Sports, the first, second and third prizes of scientific research of the Chinese Society of Sports Science, and the first prize of scientific research achievements of Beijing. The project "Breakthrough and Innovation of Key Technologies for Swimming Training in China" won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress.

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July 5th,2021